Le Bot 3.6

buat spesifikasinya seperti biasa kyk yg di Le Bot sebelumnya. tp ada beberapa perubahan dari Le Bot sebelumnya:

Version 3.6 – 18/07/2012:
  • Added auto pickup for TheWicked and Vamp Blade;
  • Added non-member Escherion’s Helm bot;
  • (?) fixed problems with Spirit Orbs bot.
Version 3.5 – 13/07/2012:
  • Added the following classes: DeathKnight, DarkSide, Blood Ancient, Skyguard Grenadier, Pyromancer, UndeadSlayer, StarLord, Chaos Shaper, Chronomancer;
  • Fixed the Dage Evil War bot;
  • added Member Totems of Nulgath bot.
Version 3.4 – 09/07/2012:
  • Added a shop Loader;
  • Updated the Evil War bots;
  • (?)Fixed strange CardClasher behavior;
  • Fixed the Banished XP&Gold bot.

Thx For Comming ^_^
jgn lupa di share + comment + follow Blog ane yah

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